Glass Splash Backs

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, and to keep it that way you can easily add some extra light and colour with the aid of toughened glass splashbacks.

We always use the best quality Low iron toughened glass with a choice of thickness between 4mm - 19mm.  This allows you the option of using PaintEx for glass Worktops and Splashbacks which can offer a desirable finish for your kitchen or bathroom.

Precision glass cutting machines will cut out any sockets, notches and cut outs for sinks, basins and baths allowing you a seamless look. We can produce any colour you require.  Provide us as sample or select from any colour chart from your local Builders Merchant.  We can also match to RAL, Dulux, Pantone, BS, NCS and many other colour ranges.

Custom Mirrors

All mirrors are cut and polished to size. Pilkington optimirror is a revolutionary advance in mirror glass technology with high performance in light reflection along with it being environmentally friendly. We also offer a safety backing service in order to protect against possible injury resulting from breakage. The product can be used in a vast amount of property applications such as; walls, partitions, doors, displays, wardrobes and cupboards.

We are able to supply Silver, Grey, Bronze or Antique Mirror cut and shaped to your individual requirements.  For additional unique Bespoke finishes add a sandblast or Paint design.

Glass Balustrades and Balconies

The use of glass can really open up your home or workplace and give it a clean modern look, let light in to your staircase or hallway, or finish off that decking that you’ve always dreamt of.  The added option of sandblasted designs can incorporate company logos, or obscure a balcony that’s overlooked, whilst still maximising light.

Our Balustrades and Balconies can be manufactured in a variety of types and thickness of glass to suit the desired effect as well as any regulations that may apply. There are also a range of fittings that come in a variety of finishes to suit the customer and the job at hand.  The glass can be supported between wooden or steel poles, or seamlessly with the fittings we supply. This often allows glass to be fixed within existing poles or banisters, and thereby keep the cost lower (this can involve the use of a joiner for any alterations).

Crackle Glass

Crackle Glass is made by laminating 3 pieces together with only the middle piece being toughened. The toughened piece is then shattered thus leaving the cracked ice effect sandwiched inside of the other 2 pieces of glass. This can also be made with mirror or a coloured glass backing offering an impressive focal point for any room.

The wonderful reflective qualities of crackle glass can transform the smallest area and bring individuality to larger areas. With no grout lines the look is seamless .  Due to the makeup of crackle glass 12mm is the minimum thickness.

Currently available in five finishes, Clear,  Bronze, Silver, Pewter and Blue.

Use Crackle glass for Table tops , Splashbacks, Worktops  and Cladding.  Please contact one of dedicated sales team for more information.

Lamex Decorative Laminating

Lamex is available in a wide range of glasses, interlayer's and therefore thicknesses and can be used to satisfy all safety glazing requirements. Our glass thicknesses range from 4mm to 19mm and when combined with the eva interlayer's you can reach any thickness required.

Using glass as a substrate, a colourful range of surface paints or lacquers can be applied. You can choose to encapsulate a diverse selection of materials and images in addition to interlayer's, for sound control, privacy and decorative effects.

Patterned and tintes glasses can be laminated and materials such as film. wood, fabrics and metal can be bonded between the panes to create unique finishes.

The potential applications for Lamex are vast and include:- Partitions, Balustrades, shower screens, doors, furniture, stair treads, work tops, signage, table tops, exhibition displays and flooring.

With such a breadth of designer finishes and materials available contact us with your requirements.


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