Stained Glass

Clearview can manufacture bespoke stained glass designs to your requirements. In the olden days stained glass was manufactured using small pieces of glass fixed together with a lead strip and soldered to keep the design together. Although this procedure is sometimes still used today, the modern overlay stained glass is a more popular and versatile product.

Toughened glass can be used in our stained glass along with self adhesive lead strip and transparent colour films. These materials produce a beautiful effect that lasts. 

There are literally hundreds of overlay colours to choose from for use in the modern day stained glass and most colours can be combined with a frosted overlay to create an even larger range of colours. 

Bevelled Glass

Clearview can manufacture sealed units with a range of bevelled glass designs, perfect for fanlite designs and door glass.

Our elegant bevelled glass range incorporates 5mm glass multi-faceted pieces, clusters and shapes which refract and reflect light to create a constant interplay of movement. Choose from clear or coloured bevelled glass designs to create windows and doors of distinction.

Make a great first impression with a beautifully crafted entrance door featuring our bevelled glass. There is no better way to elevate a humble door into a distinctive architectural feature that may include attractive sidelights or an eye catching, stylishly glazed top light.

Georgian and Leads

Clearview offers as part of our glazing range, Georgian bars in glass and leaded designs, including square lead, diamond lead, Queen Anne lead and custom lead designs.

Georgian Bars give authenticity to any door or window. They are available in white or woodgrain foils and a variety of colours.

Our leads are available in 6mm, 9mm and 12mm, and all leads can be aged and soldered.

Shaped Glass

Clearview can manufacture circular and triangle sealed units to your desired size and shape, perfect for circular windows, arched windows, doors and gable frames.

As well as shaped glass we can also incorporate designs within using Georgian bars, we can create stunning bespoke sunburst features.

Shaped glass can also be used for conservatory roof glazing where quite often shapes are bespoke and different in all panels.


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